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The search for up to date, affordable life science books has never been simpler when you shop at Amaniyah Publishers, South Africa’s leading textbook supplier.

The stress of having to find the right textbooks at the best prices is just another unnecessary and tiresome part of any new school term. Popular South African school textbooks sell out fast and schools need to be prepared well in advance of the New Year. What better way than to shop online?

Our textbook shop aims to provide schools with a quick, effective and affordable way to buy new textbooks, enabling their students and heads of department to start the new term off on the right foot.

Amaniyah Publishers stocks a wide selection of textbooks, such as biology textbooks and physical science textbooks, each of which is printed in accordance with the current school curriculum. Our easy to purchase mathematics books and more are available in both English and Afrikaans and be bought in e-book format, a style popular amongst those looking to save money. Most schools have the means of printing textbooks so should you run short of your budget, e-books are one of the best options at your disposal.