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About Us

AmaniYah Publishers

South Africa has a great need of a high standard of education.

AmaniYah Publishers was born from the desire to build a bridge to impart knowledge in as pure a form as possible, from the best in every specific area of knowledge.

As AmaniYah Publishers

we connect ourselves with intellectuals that can assist us in compiling content to bring this knowledge to the people - teachers, students and parents.

What makes AmaniYah Publishers stand out is the way we source our content. We believe that the intellectual who is the source of the content, should be well compensated to motivate them in continuing to provide quality content to the education sector, and to amend content when there are syllabus changes to keep content relevant in time.

Our vision is that every South African pupil should have access to quality content no matter the levels of lack they experience, to give them the ability to choose positive change within their communities. For this purpose, we have established AmaniYah Edu Aid as a non-profit organisation to source funds to further this goal.

If you feel compelled by the same vision, please consider contributing to this goal by donating to AmaniYah Edu Aid.